“ALLILENGII” – 10 Years of Volunteering



Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders Heraklion Prefecture


10 Years of Volunteering


“Allilengii” is a legal nonprofit organization founded in 2005 by concerned citizens who had relatives
suffering from dementia and health care professionals from all fields relating to ACTIVE and HEALTHY AGEING.
The primary focus of the organization includes:

  • The promotion of Active and Healthy Ageing as a major path to prevention of cognitive decline
    and dementia as well as maintenance of quality of life
  • Awareness, screening, for early signs of dementia
  • Public education to eliminate stigma associated with cognitive decline and support the families with dementia patients
  • Research and social innovation for supporting active healthy brain with ageing in cooperation with University of Crete,
    University Hospital of Heraklion, Technical University of Crete and the Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) as well as Elderly Homes/Houses

To this purpose the Association organized this month

Lectures for people of the village Panagia, Kalessa and city of Hersonissos in the prefecture of Heraklion by professionals (medical doctors, psychologists) – members of the Alzheimer’s Association of Heraklion on “symptoms, early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease”. Free screening for cognitive decline was offered to the audience after the lectures.

On the 16th of December the annual fest for Christmas days will take place in a central hotel of the city. Tea and cookies made by the volunteers’ ladies of the Association will be offered to the guests.


Tel. Contact 2810226308 mobile 6974192595

e-mail: alzheimer.heraklion@gmail.com,

website: www.alzheimerheraklion.gr

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